28 things I learned at 28

Alright so after years of procrastinating  I thought it could be a good opportunity to post my first article on this day BECAUSE it’s my birthday ! (it was Monday actually on the 9th April) But what a better day to celebrate yourself by doing a recap of your life and what you learned (if I really learned something).

During this past 28 years on this earth I’ve been dealing with a lot of hard time, emotionally physically and mentally but with no big news I’m still here and I’ve got to work with it cause all I know is as long as I’ll be there they will be a lot more trouble all the way long through my entire life, so I must be used to it , now here is what I learned for the last 28 years …

 affiche3.jpg cop

  1. Age is just a number , don’t get stuck because you think you’re too old or too young to do something it’s never too late I always have doubt until I realize that is not a big deal at all things happen for a reason.
  2. Doubt yourself can be benefic as long as you take action after that , do your best to stick with your conviction and trust yourself .
  3. Be your own mentor or coach or whatever you want but trust yourself  no matter what people say YOU are the one who know what’s best for you and you are the only one who can make the differences!

  4. Don’t be afraid to be alone, you are your best company, so continue to enjoy eating alone or going to the cinema (that was a big one) your motto is me myself and I !
  5. Take care of your body is really essential especially at that age cause the more you get older the more you’ve got hard time to work with  and you can’t complain about it if you don’t do anything to change it so don’t be lazy.
  6. Body confidence takes time, but listen what your body tell you is very important. Also your body is a bomb ! like Small boobs and big booty power ! You should always be proud of it, that’s the only one you’ve got anyway
  7. You know who you are, at least a bit better which means you know what you like what you don’t like, you know your value , even if you don’t have the best opportunity yet, and most importantly you don’t give a F*** with unnecessary drama, you’re stepping into your own journey, building your empire but not everyone deserve to be involved, who’s bring me to the 8 note
  8. Being surrounded by the right people is a life changing, and this is not only with your family but with your friends, your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner even your co workers (especially them) your neighbors .Everyone who is involved in your everyday life make an impact in your life, good or bad, big or small and if some of those people are not worth it then leave it or avoid them as much as you can, for your health. AFFICHE 5
  9. You better stop comparing yourself to others , cause is always look amaaazing when you see them in a long distance way obviously , especially  with social media! You will see that girl who always have the best outfit when you still dealing to loosing or gaining weight , that “friend” who always seems to travel  all around the world the most beautiful and instagramable places when you don’t have enough money to pay one ticket for the subway (avoiding Facebook is key), or that one who looks like having the dream job in a cool design studio or this one who’s always seems to be at the stylish restaurant when your fridge only contains 2 old carrots , half of a zucchini and a brick of soy cream ! but what you don’t know is that most of the time the reality is not that glamorous so stop comparing yourself to others is just so harmful , and the best way to destroy all your ambition.
  10. Being inspired is better than being envious. realize that it can be easier to be inspired when it’s not about people around you (not the closest one) especially when they’re big-head cause you can be quiet envious, starting to doubt way too much and being discouraged and honestly I don’t like that… at all  so yeah get inspired never jealous that’s not cute.
  11. There’s always light in the darkness  if you want to see it,Sans titre-5
  12. Don’t showing off your weakness to everyone , just a few bunch of trustful people , cause it can be used against you and nobody want to hear someone complaining all the time . But if you need to talk , talk to the right people, don’t hold too much.
  13. Dream big and never let someone to tell you what you meant to be or what you have to do , and when they say you can’t, do it! just to shut their mouth, nobody as a right on you, and we are all gonna die anyway, so it might be a long process but don’t be scared take your time and be confident.
  14. Don’t be afraid to fail !Success doesn’t come overnight” and without any experiences of failure just look at the most successful people they may have failed a lot of time but never give up so why should you ?
  15. Patience is as important as being bold but being patient doesn’t mean being inactive you have to move on , make an effort and not just talk and waiting or you might be waiting for the rest of your life.
  16. Family and friends first, with times you realize how important they are (of course you know since the beginning) but you know, a lot more so be their for them as much as they’re for you. 
  17. You always learn something at some point, whatever your age or your background rather than is a good or bad experiences, being introduced to someone,  a new job , an hobby , your studies or your family and friends never forget that the best school you can get is life. affiche 1 opt 2outfit details: Top by Pull&Bear (2017 collection) similar here – summer hat by h&m(old one) similar here

  18.  Communication is key you always knew it and still do.
  19. Respect people and be kind to them as you always be as long as they respect you, we don’t live in the unicorn world but you don’t have to make it worth.
  20. You can’t get it right every time on everything sometimes you have to accept that you’re wrong and learn from it, that’s how you’ll get better .
  21. Spreading love and positivity is way better than being negative and pessimistic it will bring you nowhere and nobody ever heard a success story about an unenthusiastic and unfriendly dude, no one !
  22. Material is ephemeral , do not care too much, death doesn’t wear Chanel so…
  23. It’s okay to be emotional and it’s great to be different you are not a loser or weak because of that, being emotional is powerful and necessary for being empathic cause that’s what people need to be more tolerant with each other. Same as being different normality is different from one to another and majority doesn’t always means right.
  24. Try to travel as much as you can for the next few years , you can’t define you as a totally open minded person if you don’t know a bit more about the people and culture who enrich this world.
  25. We are not the only one on this earth , never forget that so be respectful to motherland and take care of it, explore her , there’s a lot more than cityscape .
  26. Procrastination is a bitch (just have to put it out there)
  27. relationship is harder than working out (lol) and the recovery not as quick as you would like to be but you continue to learn and grow anyway, so take your time, don’t think that it’s the end of the world when things doesn’t work as you wish and don’t be too impetuous.
  28. Love  yourself , everyday is a good day to celebrate yourself cause you deserve the best you’re unique , so take care. Sans titre-1

29 …. see you next year….



2 thoughts on “28 things I learned at 28

    1. Aww Thank you so much babes that’s mean a lot to me and that was exactly why I wrote this too , so excited to see how you gonna shining bright like a diamond in your future! love you ❤ ❤

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